Model or Kit Size Guide

All models and kits are a given scale such as 1/72, 1/48 1/200 example scales.

The scale is the dividing number between real size and model size.

So if you are interested in a model, and the size is not clear, simply look at the given scale, and divide the real size by the scale figure.

You can usually find sizes or the "real thing" on the internet by a quick search, Wikipedia is a good source to find out. these figures.

Example :-

How big is a 1/48 Model Spitfire?

Search on google for - Spitfire Length - you will get the following figures :-

Wingspan: 11 m - Divide by 48 to get wingspan 11 / 48 = 22.9 cms
Length: 9.12 m - divide by 48 to get length 9.12 / 48 = 19 cms